i have been given this cwk for java programming. and i need help getting started. i dont want u to do it all but if u can help to get me started i would really appreciate it thank u. this is the task:

A large car dealing company wants to write a computer system to store information about its staff and to perform routine payroll tasks. For each member of staff, the following information needs to be provided: the name, an employee works number (this is a unique 6-digit number) together with an operation to calculate the employee's monthly salary.

The company employs both full-time and part-time staff where the part-time staff work for a specified number of hours per week. Full-time staff are assumed to work for 40 hours per week and part-time staff are paid pro rata, so for example if a part-time employee works for 15 hours per week, s/he will recieve three eights (15/40) of the monthly salary of a full-time employee on the same grade. These staff are paid on a 5-point salary scale (which include all on-costs such as income tax, national insurance and pension contributions) and is shown below.

Spine Point
Monthly Salary






The company also employs commissioned people (car salesmen and saleswomen) whose monthly salary is made up of a basic flat rate minimum of £1,200 plus a percentage their total sales for that month. The rate of commission for sales up to but not exceeding £20,000 is 10% while for sales exceeding £20,000, the commission rate is 15%.

Define a hierarchy of Java classes that meets the above requirements

Define a class EmployeeList to represent a directory (i.e. list) of employees that can be used to store the details of all the company's employees. Your staff list class needs to include a container object as one of its instance variables - this could be an array, a Vector, or a Collections object. Think carefully about the type of objects the directory should store and the interface it provides

Write a short main program that does the following:

reads a list of employee details from the comma delimited data file "staff04.dat" (which can be copied across from here) and places them into the directory
calculates the salaries of all staff in the company
prints out, in tabular form, the details and salaries of all staff in the company, with names in alphabetical order
prints out the total monthly salary bill
Your main program should include a method void doPayroll ( ... ) that takes a list of staff, calculates their monthly salary and writes their details and individual salaries, appropriately formatted, to the standard output.

The data file includes the following codes:

Type of Employee

Full-time Salaried

Part-time Salaried

Commissioned (Salesperson)

Typical data entries for a full-time, part-time and a commissioned employee respectivley, take the forms below, where each field is separated by a comma with no white space:


with typical entries shown below

FT,DICKENS Charles,234567,4
PT,AUSTEN Jane,111222,5,10.5
CO,HARDY Thomas,777333,6500

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Who would take the headache of reading your query ??? you would have atleast showed some effort in solving the problem. Please try to solve it yourself .. and where you are stuck ... ask here then.

Re: need help with java 80 80

give me at least some ideas of how to do it plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: need help with java 80 80

learn to read, that usually helps.
Don't start coding, start thinking. That helps even more though it requires you can read...

Re: need help with java 80 80

First find out what you have for your program .. the variables .. n methods ... and how many classes you'll need to solve your problem

then see what are the inputs of your program .. and then what your program needs to output ..

and then start making a visual picture of what your program will be .....

and if you dont understand what to do ... atleast take your pen in your hands and start writing something ... it'll give you a boost ( if you successfully do it ... I assure half your work will be solved).

Re: need help with java 80 80

thank you nanosani i really appreciate ur help! :)

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