Hi guys,

Is it possible to call a server side asp page from a VB.net application running a client PC and pass parameters to that page?

My concept is a software activation system that queries the hardware of the users PC and generates codes. This is working fine in VB.net but what I'd like to do is offer an automatic activation where these codes are passed from the VB app to an ASP page which then verifies them against a server DB, passes or fails as appropriate and if successful passes another code back to the VB app for registry storage on the client.

All seems to work well in isolation but not sure how to actually call and pass. Any help gratefully received.

I've had a pretty good scour of the various sites but can't see anything like this.



Integrate an ASP.NET WebService into your application. Webservices provide a much better means of transferring/receiving data externally via the web than simply posting values to a page, the vb.net app can then "Consume" the web service creating integrated classes into your forms application allowing you to call your external methods within 2 lines of code. The link below shows how to setup a demo webservice.
Web Service Example