Hello everyone,

I have a html file (that is displayed in a webbrowser) which contains an onclick function that calls an external function in c# code. I have this part working and after the external function is finished the webbrowser navigates to a new file. The html file contains frames and after the external function is finished executing the new file is displayed in one of the frames. However I need the two frames to change to different files at the same time. I know that it is possible to change the contents of two frames at the same time in html code by calling a function but the problem is that I cannot get the two functions to execute as they both need to run when the onclick event is actioned. To summarise: a link is clicked in webbrowser window in frame 1. when the link is clicked the 'onclick' event calls an external function and a new html file is generated and displayed. I need a second function to execute when the link is clicked where frame 2 is changed to display a different file at the same time as frame 1 is displaying the new html file.

Thanks in advance


Is this onclick in the html file or your c# app? I dont see why you would have a problem doing 2 loads in 1 call.

Perhaps some code showing the non working code would help us..

The onclick is in the html file. I managed to solve my problem - I had a typo in the code when calling the second function. Thanks for your help anyway