All hi,

Is it possible to send messages (SENDMESSAGE/PostMessage...) to HTML controls such as Input Type Text or lists? I am able to get/set the url,title but I can't get to the document. Can it be done? Would you show me how?

Your help would be appreciated.

do you mean to assign html script to i.e. richtextbox on a web page from another web page
or sending html email to email address?

Thanks for your response.
You know how you use "SendMessage" to send a particular message to an APP. Do you know if there away to "SendMessage" to a web page controls? like to a textbox or to a list? or to a button?

Thanks, but not cigar.

I wrote an application that reads and sends information from one application to another application.
Now I would like to have this application send information to a IE window too, any IE window.
I want to read information from it and write to it from the application, just like a user would.

Thanks for your replay.


Interacting with IE through another app requires that you control it through a provided API. For most Microsoft products (e.g. IE), they support Microsft Active Accessibilty (MSAA) (and here is another link). I don't know how well it supports manipulating HTML controls inside of the browser though. I think it might be possible through an IHTMLDocument but I honestly don't know how to get or use one.

I know what are you asking i am looking for an spy++ code for infragistics controls like web controls, certanly i want to make a gui map like Ranorex Spy++, i don't know how but they did it... you know "i have to know", you can use ranorex an c# but that's not enought for me, i want to program it...

if you know something let me know