Hi Guys ...

Does anybody know how to force a windows forms application to restart (Close and open again) taking the user back to the first screen ?

My user fills in a questionnaire, reaches the end and is asked to either perform another survey or to send data (sent back to HQ)

So, if they click to perform another survey ... I have got it to create seperate textfiles with incremented numbers file_1.txt, file_2.txt etc

but because I have disabled buttons within my program after the user completes each section .. they are unable to fill in any information for the second survey because the buttons have been disabled.

I was thinking it would have been something like


but all I get is


well - - has anyone got any ideas ??

I really need to get this functioning. my last resort would be to remove the code that disables the buttons after each section has been completed.

Dim p As New System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo()
        p.FileName = "FactFind.exe"
        p.UseShellExecute = True

I have tried the above code to start a process. forcing the application to start ... no joy however :(