i am unable to compile and run network based applications like client/server apps. what should i do now?

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Boy:I dont know why you are angry at me !!!!
Girl:If you dont know,I am not gona tell you, so do something about it...

.... yea right,something similar here eh?You aint giving any details buddy.

Ok as far as details go,give your compiler (name,version.. etc), compiler errors (copy paste), your target (what the prog has to do), source code (at least relevent parts).

This much will sure help the helpers help the helpi (any word like that,chaser and chasi ?,or what ever the spelling).

Ok ok,I will cool it,hey had nothing else to say anyway.

If anyone wants any useful help anywhere,give details of the problems or the help you get might be more trouble.Anyway the helpers will be shooting in the dark,with the gun behind their backs (or what ever way you want it,< p.s no nightvision possible ;) >)

[P.S: when compiling dont forget to link to winsock.lib]

What OS are you using?

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