Hie guys, i am thinking of setting up an sms center which send sms' to subscribers.

I would like to know where i can get as much research help as possible about sms centres and how they work. it would really help

i am thinking of setting up an sms center which send sms' to subscribers

Kind of a vague description, can you elaborate what are you actually looking for ?

If you are talking about Short Message Service Centres (SMSC), these basically receive messages via the SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) Protocol and forward the messages to the service providers via SS7 protocol via switches etc.

If on the other hand you just want to be an aggregator (middle man) who has connections to multiple SMSCs and sells them to your clients, you need more like an SMS Gateway, There are already a few Open Source SMS Gateways available, a popular one is Kannel . However It is not based on Java but in C. But if you are planning to implementing the gateway yourself in Java you could start by learning about SMPP. Also you will need an SMPP API which will do the job of handling all low level networking tasks so that you do not have to worry about constructing the SMPP protocol data units (PDUs).
Although there are many available I recommend OpenSMPP for that, cause it has been around for a while.

thanks a lot, i hope i can go thru it a little bit, because, i want to do the whole thng from scratch, it wont help me if i have some one do it for me. thanks

i am still not yet fully answered on this, is there a site that offers tutor lessons on this information on how sms servers operate

This might get you started. It would even seem like a logical place to start a search like this.

you won't find a website that gives you "zuh koduz" for something like this, no.

and no, we're not going to write it for you, and we're not going to help you steal bandwidth from cellphone networks so you can fleece them out of customers.