I need to develop a windows application using c# 2.0. It is basically a data entry application which should involve a three layer architecture. The application has two fields namely Empname, and Empage where the datatypes are varchar(20) and int respectively from a sql server 2005 table. The user interface form should contain two textboxes for accepting the input and it has the options of add, edit, delete, save, first, next, previous and last buttons.
Initially the database has no records. When the form loads the user will be adding a new record. When the form is loaded the next time the existing records should be dispalyed one by one whenever the first, next, last and previous buttons are clicked.

I am absoultely new to the three layer architecture. Hence could anybody please give me the full coding and help me out.

Thanx in advance.

Given you dont have experience in a 3 teir architecture, why would you *need* to do it that way?

Handing out full code would be a very long long post, and unnecessary.

How far have you got in your design? What actual problem are you having?