I have to identify which element in the array the highest and lowest numbers are. I have finished the rest of the project but you can see that i need help with the element position. Here's what i have and thank you, thank you, thank you

#include <iostream.h>
#include"apvector.h"//didn't inclue io manipulators because working with int

int main()
int high;
int low;    //declare variables
int sum;
int average;
int num_values;
int index;
high=1;   //initialize variables

cout<<"Please enter a number. "<<endl;//get number of spaces in array
cin>> num_values;
cout<<"Enter values for the array of "<<num_values<<" items."<<endl;
apvector<int>value(num_values);   //declare array

for(index = 0; index <= (num_values - 1); index++)//loop to get values to
//fill array
cout << "Enter the number for space " << index + 1 << ": ";
cin >> value[index];      //input of values to fill array

if (value[index]>high)
{high=value[index];}   //assign new values to low and high
if (value[index]<low)

sum=sum+value[index];  //update sum for average


average=sum/num_values;    // get average
cout<< "the average of the numbers is " <<average<<endl; //print out results

cout<<"the largest number is " <<high<<
" and its element position is " <<index <<endl;//can't figure out how
cout<<"the smallest number is " <<low<<             //to show the # of element
" and its element position is " <<index  <<endl;  //that the high and low
system("pause");//pause screen to read input

return 0;

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Declare 2 more variables

int max_pos=0, min_pos=0;

if (value[index]>high)
max_pos = index;
}   //assign new values to low and high
if (value[index]<low)
min_pos = index;
cout<<"the largest number is " <<high<<
         " and its element position is " <<max_pos  <<endl;
cout<<"the smallest number is " <<low<<   
          " and its element position is " <<min_pos   <<endl;
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