I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this question or even if any one has the answer besause my understanding is that SmallTalk isn't used much any more. Hope someone can help.

I have to do a paper where I compare and contrast 3 languages, (the languages that were assigned to me were VB.NET, COBOL, SmallTalk).

VB.NET and COBOL wasn't that hard but I can't find any thing about declaring variables in SmallTalk. (Like in DIM statements in QBASIC, or VB).

If anyone knows the answer please HELP!!!

you declare local variables in first line of method between | | .
e.g. to declare two local variables named listOfMails and directory , you do like following
| listOfMails directory |

You declare instance variables and class variables in Class Definition Template in the Browser.
e.g. if you want to declare instance variables named x and y and a class variable named default then:
Object subclass: #Window
instanceVariableNames: 'x y'
classVariableNames: 'default'
poolDictionaries: ''

Feel free to contact me on hiren_coder on yahoo or hithacker@gmail.com at anytime if you need more info in Smalltalk.

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