Hows it going everyone. Im pretty new to Crystal Reports, and I have been trying to create a report. The report that Im creating is loading a dataset and right now I am using 5 tables from it. Its loading the dataset at runtime, and the tables that Im loading dont have information that is related to each other, so cant really do any links to it. I have the dataset loading all the information correctly, but when it loads the data, it repeats the entire section for every row in the dataset. I am trying to get it where it can load each row into a column so that all the data from the column in the dataset is listed vertically in the report, and Im stuck. Ive tried changing the grouping on the dataset, and putting each value in its own section, but to no avail. So any help would be greatly appreciated!

Anyone familiar enough with crystal reports to assist with this?

Thanks for the information. I actually did get the problem almost corrected by adding the data in each table in its own subreport. This is actually getting the information correctly and showing it on the report exactly how I want it, but the report keeps repeating itself. So after I run the report it ends up with over like 1000 pages of the same information over and over. I think it may be an issue with grouping or linking, but with the data in the tables all its own information, as in not depending on any of the other information really, Im not sure a way around it. I pretty much just want the data from the tables displayed on the report, I dont need crystal reports to do anything but actually display the data in each respective column. So right now my problem is Crystal reports continuously repeating the entire report, but it does actually have the correct data now.