do you know where to find GL/glut.h code? i only found gl.h, glaux.h and glut.h in some links.
can you help me?

You can download GLUT from the net. Use google to search.

As for OpenGL files, they normally come with most C++ compilers/IDE.

I know GLUT is easier to implement than a purpose-made win32, mac or linux OpenGL init code, but you'll find you will learn a lot more about opengl and device/rendering contexts and the rendering pipeline if you build your OpenGL program around these. I'd recommend taking NeHe's code and editing it out so you have OpenGL basecodes for fullscreen and windowed mode, and creating project files from these in whatever development IDE you are using.

:Swhere can i find GL/glut.h header file to download and how to link it with vc++ microsoft express edition???
can u help???:-/