I'm starting a project at work where I will be creating multile threads, within a C++ program. I have been out of the C++ community for a while, spending my time the last few years using Java. Given this, I am trying to learn what the standard interface is for creating threads in C++? Also could someone point me to an information site about threads and C++? I have created threads in Java before so I am familiar with the concepts, I just have never done so in C++.

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C++ does not give you a method out of the box for multithreading like Java does.
To use multithreading, you will have to use the thread libraries offered by the operating system. For win32 you will have to use CreateThread and in unix you will have to use pthread_create .
I think the boost package offers portable ways of creating code that uses threads.

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Nice point. thanks to refer boost lib info also.
Nice one.. Helped me too :)
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