hi guyzz.. i wanted to make a code to change my system unit date and time using vbcode.

i have a small idea, to run a command prompt but i don't no how to make it so.
any possible idea well be appreciated.

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you can try this. i dont know how to use command prompt for this, so i hope this is ok.

Private Sub cmd_changedate_Click()

Dim ChangeDate

ChangeDate = "October" & " " & 8 & ", " & 2008
Date = ChangeDate

End Sub

Private Sub cmd_changetime_Click()

Dim ChangeTime

ChangeTime = "9:50:50 AM"
Time = ChangeTime

End Sub

thhhhxxx dude.. you got it... thxxx

you can change the date and time by using the vbcode date and vbcode time,,


date = text1.text


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