Hi, I'm not sure I understand my teacher properly, but he wants me to use the CCTOR of class CPt in the CCTOR of class CCanvas to fill a dynamically allocated array. I'm at a loss of how to call it...maybe a little code will help this make more sense:

// Function name   : CCanvas()
// Description     : CTOR - initializes all values, allocates all memory
//		for the line data, then deep copies all members
// Argument        : CCanvas const & -> canvas class reference to copy from
CCanvas::CCanvas(CCanvas const & rCanvas): _iSize(rCanvas._iSize)
	//allocate the array of points
	_cptPoints = new CPt [_iSize];
	//iterate and copy all coordinates, and set color to green
	for (int i(0); i < _iSize; ++i)
                                //*******Problem starts here
		//**not allowed to use = operand
		_cptPoints[i] = CPt(rCanvas._cptPoints[i]);
		//_cptPoints[i]._iX = rCanvas._cptPoints[i]._iX;
		//_cptPoints[i]._iY = rCanvas._cptPoints[i]._iY;
		//_cptPoints[i]._COLOR = GREEN;

That's the CCanvas CCTOR, which needs to call CPt's CCTOR instead of leveraging off of the = operator like in the comment. And since the = operator in CPt makes the color red, the non-commented line first calls the CCTOR and that returns the proper value, but then it runs into the = operator and turns red! Here's the operator= and the CCTOR in the CPt class:

// Function name   : operator=()
// Description     : overloaded assignment operator - does basically
//					 the same thing as the CCTOR, only with the = op
// Argument        : CPt const & RHS - right hand side reference, used
//					 for copying
// Returns		   : CPt -> passed by value
CPt & CPt::operator=(CPt const & RHS)
	_iX = RHS._iX;
	_iY = RHS._iY;
	return *this;

// Function name   : CPt()
// Description     : CCTOR - assigns the coodinates of the point to
//					 the argument's, and sets the color to green
// Argument        : CPt const & temp -> temp CPt reference to copy from
CPt::CPt(CPt const & temp):_iX(temp._iX), _iY(temp._iY), _COLOR(GREEN)

I know this might take a while to read, but I'm really stuck! Help would be much appreciated. Feel free to ask any questions (possibly about the rest of the code).

Well, here's a bit of an update...I'm not sure if this is cheating or not but it certainly does seem like a band-aid. I replaced the commented out code (and the 1 line that wasn't commented out) in the first code snippet with this:

_cptPoints[i]._iX = CPt(rCanvas._cptPoints[i])._iX;
_cptPoints[i]._iY = CPt(rCanvas._cptPoints[i])._iY;
_cptPoints[i]._COLOR = CPt(rCanvas._cptPoints[i])._COLOR;

I'm still thinking I need help...although this does actually work (it outputs green)