Hello....everyone I want to ask you for your advice on what problem I'm gonna do.... So my teacher grouped us and make a program that we ourselves would make.... we can do that but what kind of program do we have to make, any suggestions???? My teacher said that the program we will make is interesting to everyone... Just give me the problem and I will talk to my groupmates about the program... Thank you :)

"pong", for 4 players, over a network.

What language you use? What's your level of proficiency? And how much time you have?

How about a Scientific Calculator?

Make a Visual Assist-X -like version for Linux!!!! :) :)

ZORK clone ;)

Thank you for you wonderfull advises...but i only need a simple program so scientific calculator will have to do and we only have 1 week to finish it so we have to better hurry thank you so much for your kind help....