I hope this thread does not offend anyone. I get the impression that most of us are college age prog5rammers, so this might be easily solved. I am attempting to make a menstrual cycle calculator for my fiance. To begin with, I thought about going about it in the following way.

User inputs the date of last (up to three) menstrations. The program will then return with a calender and text giving the next expected menstration.

I also plan to have the program be able to accurately map up to four months in advance.

If any of you are wondering why make this program, it is because it will provide some knowledge benificial to our future family.

If this thread is in any way innoppropriate for this forum, I offer my sicerest apologies and ask that it be deleted. Thanks for your understanding.

Interesting project! Looks like you have to get familiar with the time, datetime and calendar modules. You also might have to google for the medical facts. Good idea though!

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