Is it possible to Create a new character in C++?
and then can we use it in in other softwars like word and such programs that you can write something in them?
thanks a lot.

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It's cool!..
What is it: a new character in C++?
Can you post an example of this animal?


I rather suspect they want a font design tool, to create a new font, with glyphs of their own design.
Having done that, they can then use that font in any program capable of using fonts.

Which, unless you intend to write said "font design tool" yourself, in C++, has very little to do with C++.


I don't know like the alphabet of the languages like farsi or chinese


In otherwords there isn't a way to easily make your own character in C++

That seems like the truth!

Especially since C++ is just a tool that interfaces with other systems, I suppose there's no direct way c++ itself could create a character the system would recognize! It would probably have to be the other way around (make some kind of program that the OS can use to map numbers to additional characters then make a C++ implementation that makes the mapping easier?).

It's just a theory, but that's the way I'd assume it would work out.

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