Below coding part give me exception once i run my program.

data = D01.Tables[0];
            if (C == 0)
                expression = "(New_SE_CODE is not null and SE_Code is not null and  Shop_Code is not null  and X is not null and  Y is not null and Shop_Name is not null and len(SE_Code=6) andor isnumeric(ExecutiveCode)<>1)";
                DataRow[] foundRows;
                DataSet D = new DataSet();
                foundRows = data.Select(expression);

The Error is "The Expression contains undefined fun ction call isnumeric()".Hw to slove this.

I dont believe c# has a function of "IsNumeric". You can use reg expresisons to test if its number, you could try parsing it, if its a single character theres an isnumber, but, I dont believe theres an isnumeric.


But in sql there is isnumeric function, I want to rejectthe numeric values.How do i do that


Then you would need to place it in the selection statement sent to the db, not the one run client side on your pc