I'm trying to write a program in java...it's actually the famous game of "Knight's Tour" - I guess you're all familiar with it- just for a brief explanation
what I have to do is to get from the user the row and the coloumn of the square on the board where the knight wants to start moving, and from that position USING A STACK to store the square details, move around the board until the knight goes through ALL the squares of the board only once. When the knight moves into one square it cannot go to that square again, so using a stack the knight comes across a time when it reaches a dead end and that's when it comes back to the previous house

I really need some help on how to begin with this!
The whole 'stack' thing really bugs me now......i'm confused

So a Stack is just a data structure that follows the Last In First Out rule (LIFO). This means that the last item placed on the stack (with an add or push method of some description) will be the next to be removed (by a call to a remove or pop method).

The Java API provides a basic Stack class that you can use (in the java.util package).

thanks alot
i'm coming up with some ideas