We need some Visual Basic programmers. To hunt talent we are putting this small project to test skills and reliability. This is 5-6 hour work.

You have to build a clone of photo upload editor found in IM http://meetro.com

You must download the IM to view how that editor works

Deadline of submition: 22 May
Maximum budget: $50

only bid if you can finish this work before date.

Priority will be given on the basis of -- reviews OR Past work OR Frequent conversation with us.

Please PM me


You are saying that it's 5 to 6 hours of work to make a program that is able to incorporate all the protocols from the four major IM services, plus, build a server that is capable of authentication, querying for proximity zip-codes, transfer of photo's, and have it's own chat protocol.... 7 days (May 22) is probably not enough time with a team of programmers, more less a single person competing for a job. I haven't decided yet if this is creative spam, or the rantings of a delusionist.

No you misinterpreted it, I just need the photo editor up there, that is obviously a very small work, isn't it?

Ok, So just the potion where you upload your photo? You realize that you need a server to talk to (which accepts the photo) so that you can begin socket communications between the server and the client?

Edit: I have no intention on bidding on this, but it's not spam since I got a response and further clarification, thus I'm leaving it.

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