When using visual c++ does code that would work in other programs work as well?

maybe yes, and maybe no. Depends on the code and what compiler it was written with. If written with Turbo C then probably won't work with VC++.

well i'm learning from a book and the author likes dev c++ but it won't work on my computer... I think a better way for me ask the question is: Will code that runs in dev c++ work on visual c++? if not is there I can make it work?

more than likely yes, but I'd have to see the code for a difinitive answer. What os are you using because Dev-C++ has worked for me on every recent version including Vista.

I think I have vista home basic

In Dev-C++ IDE, go to menu Tools --> Compiler Options. then in each of the tabs make sure that it shows the full path to evrything. Such as Binaries: c:\dev-cpp\bin. There are some instructions on bloodshed.net's forums that says Dev-C++ has some problems on Vista and that's the way to fix them. Worked for me :)