I am currently trying to design a decision support system application that will help students register for classes in given a semester by displaying classes they are eligible for based on prerequisite courses and semester hours they have already taken.

The program initially gets the semester hours the student has accumulated, followed by the specific courses that the student has already received credit for:

I wanted to use a JOptionPane frame with check boxes with a next/submit button that would return the checked courses to the next frame. (so far, I have not been able to find any examples in JOptionPane of how to create a frame w/ check boxes that will return a value to another frame by using a button)

The next frame would then display a series of drop-down menus (probably 6) that would display all available courses the student is eligible for based on the hours accumulated and courses they chose in the previous frame. From here the user can see how many hours they are taking by changing the different courses around in the drop-down menus (which will all have values for the number of hours they contain).

I appreciate any suggestions you might have...

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as far as I know there are no JOptionPane dialogs with checkboxes, but you can always create your own input dialogs. it's the same principle as creating any other JFrame, you just give it an other size

Try this:

Object[] possibleValues = { "First", "Second", "Third" };

Object selectedValue = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,
            "Choose one", "Input",
            JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE, null,
            possibleValues, possibleValues[0]);


I got it from this:

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