im making a generic website for my class and we have to post a graphic for this website from this cd that came with the book. Problem is, i can't get the Image URL to post my graphic. I tried using the image button and the image thing in the html section of the toolbox but either will work. What can i do?

running out of ideas

Maybe i wasn't clear in what I was trying to do. I am trying to create a program using vb.NET Visual Web Developer. in the instructions, it said the following: You can add graphics, to a web page using the image control. the concept is similar to the PictureBox control on WindowsForms. but the graphic file is connected differently due to the nature of web applications. Each Image control has an Image Url property that specifies the location of the graphic file. To place an image on a web page, you should first copy the graphic into the website folder. if the porject is open in the IDE when you add the graphic files, click the refresh button at the top of the solution foldr to make the fiels show up.

you can add an image contorl to a cell in a table or directly on a web page. In the ImageUrl property button(...) to open the Select Image dialog box. If you have added the graphic to the project folder and either clidked teh Solution Explored Refresh button or reopened the project, the graphic file will appear in the contents pane.

My question is concernin hwo do i copy the graphic into the website folder...i'm getting the graphic from the book's cd--but i'm having all types of problems getting it to copy..Can anyone provide any solution?

i'm getting the graphic from the book's cd--but i'm having all types of problems getting it to copy

What are all types of problems?

You're working with localhost? Your localhost resides on "D:\Inetpub\wwwroot" (this is my computer so your could be "C:\..." or something else). You've created a web-project "local". That resides on "D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\local". Open explorer, go to that folder and make a new folder, let's say "img". Now open your CD, locate images from there and copy them to "D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\local\img"-folder.

Start VWD and add an image to your web page. From Properties, click "Source" and "..."-button to locate image. Your project folder ("D:\...\local" in mine) should open, click "img" folder, select the image and press Ok-button. It should now appear on your page.

You mentioned ImageUrl-property, that's the same as Source-property in the above. I may have an older version of VWD.

Ok, let me now if its working now.