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I'm a class XII student of CBSE board.we have to do a project in C++ in CS for the board evaluation....so i've chosen 'Airline Reservation Forum'.....i'm posting it and i want to hear to all valuble suggestions to make my project better..

(pls do find the attachment.....)
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Ah yes, the bunch of xxxxx who insist on teaching "c" using a compiler which became obsolete a full 20 YEARS ago. It's not like there's a shortage of high quality, free and most importantly up to date compilers to choose from.

This is why I don't worry about out-sourcing. The entire continent is full of programmers with skills so far out of date with the modern world as to be useless.

Lets see.
If this is a C++ program, where are the classes?
Why so many global variables?
Why so many variables with short meaningless names?
Why do so few functions have parameters?
Why are functions like display1() display2() totally meaningless descriptions of their function?
Why the chaotic mix of cout and cprintf?
Why is code for say inputting a traveller name duplicated (and not a function)
Why is the penalty for incorrect input so harsh (being dumped out of the program)?