I'm new to computer programming.
I just want to ask where to download a C++ installer and what compiler is good to use.

thank you:)

I would recommend g++ (linux, or win) because it's real compiler, and not IDE.
Since you are beginner, it's better to start with plain old compiler :)

if you ask me, Dev-Cpp. Used from the start til not long after the start (aka now lol). Nah Dev has stood me in good sted and never let me down


give me a site please to download this dev CPP.

First Google link would you believe it when i typed, Dev-Cpp

Learn to use your favorite search engine, its a very good tool when learning to program


I'm using dev c and i want to compile and run this 3 files that have different file name GradeBook.h,GradeBook.cpp and Grade.cpp. GradeBook.h is the header file,the GradeBook.cpp contains the definition of the member functions of the class in GradeBook.h header file and the Grade.cpp contains the main function or the client code.

But when I compile it an error occurred "undefined reference".
Is this version of dev c++ not capable of running in this type of program??
Please advise..


Create a new project add all the files to the project, then assuming the code is correct since we don't know it should work fine.



If (YouAre==WindowsUser)
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For writing your code I would recommend u to use UltraEdit since it is simple editor which C++ syntax type as plugin.
For compiling I think the best would be g++ like sbdy told u, however it might be difficult to configure everything in windows. 

else if ((YouAre==LinuxUser)
Anjuta IDE would be super for u.And of course g++ again..

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good luck

"undefined reference" sounds like if the linker has a problem, not the compiler.
Cut the error message and paste it here.

a small enhancement:

If (YouHaveMoney)
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heheheheheehheeheh thanks for correcting me :D :D :D :D

I still think it's best practice for new beginners to use simple compiler like g++. In that way they are going to learn difference between compiler and linker, and will have to write their own make. They can only benefit from that :)

Don't waste a time and bandwidth to get freezed Dev-C++ or 400 Mb Visual Studio 2008 Express. Download compact Code::Blocks IDE with MinGW compiler (g++ Winsows port).