Hi friends,,
I am doing engineering and need a JAVA Project on Online Examination.. I dont want a long and complicated project.. But only a project made up of servlets , JDBC...
I will be thankful to you as I need it urgently.. Plz help me out...
Thank you... You can also mail me the project at <<email id snipped>>

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Pathetic and lazy. You deserve to fail this project.
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Haha that was a good one.

To allo me ton Toto to kseris?

The above is a greek expression used as a reply to someone who says or asks something stupid or impossible and he thinks that is normal to ask such thing

Do we have praful_engg's slaves written on our foreheads?


Do we have praful_engg's slaves written on our foreheads?

not since they've been selling bars of soap I imagine


Excuse me, are you looking for ideas or complete source code??? For project themes check this out: http://mindprod.com/jgloss/jagg.html. If you want a complete project... then sorry, you won't take this exam.

it's no use giving standard project topics.. the chances of him being interested by one of these but not being able to come up with it himself should be quite slim

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