Hello, I am new here.

I need urgent help so I am sorry if I don`t obey the rules of this coomunity - it`s just because I am new here, nothing else.

By the way, If my subject is not for this forum, I will be happy if you can redirect me so I can post this topic in the right forum.

Now, my "homework" is to extract the data, caller and recipient from the binary flow of a sumbit_sm PDU packet (SMPP).My system gets a session of SMPP packtes which each packet contains a kind of a binary flow..

Further more,if someone here understand in this kind of protocol (or even GSM) and can answer the following questions :
1. If I send a message above 255 chars does it splits into 2 packets? or 1 packet with message_payload?

If someone here already implement this kind of demand in C#,or even better - dealt with SMPP before, I will thank him for contacting with me - [email removed]

I really need your help..I need to finish it ASAP.

Thank again and sorry if I broke a rule or "behaved" unproperly.

Example added -
a PDU Sample


Firstly if you have read the stickies, you'll know we wont be giving you the code, secondly, its your home work, you need to research the out come of your first question, eg, does it split the message or not.

When you have code and a specific question about it.. someones more likely to help you.