Hey everyone,

we're still working trying to get Linux to communicate to our robot via an RS232 port. We added this code to the project in Mono:

Using System.Ports.IO
SerialPort ports = new SerialPort("ttyS0",19200,Parity.None, 8, StopBits.One);

We can't get anything sent out of our COM ports. We're not even sure if we're coding it correctly. Is ttyS0 (we've tried S0-Sf) what we should be putting in the code? Please help!!


Start at the beginning

Does your kernel have serial built in?
If so, what serial ports does it find? and tell you are available?

I'm not sure. We tried some command, can't remember what it was, and it showed ttyS0-3

Well, having the kernel support would be somewhat essential to your program, so it would make sense that you learn how to tell.

If you are sure you have ttyS0, thats a terminal running through a serial port, not the serial port itself.

Hmm, ok. What commands can I enter to see my com ports?

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