Hi all guys,

I am using MS VC++.NET 2003
I have also installed MS VS++2005 and 2008 on the same computer.

Now when I ran the previous programs which are programed in VC++2003, now I am facing the following errors.

Error spawning 'link.exe'
Error spawning 'cl.exe'.

can any one tell me what I have to do, whats going wrong.
Wait for the responce
Many Thanks


Are you doing command-line builds or building in the IDEs ? If command-line builds then you have to set up the environment for each compiler by running the vcvars32.bat file in the compiler's bin directory.

These two files are the compiler and linker. You probably have to restart your visual studio, or even reboot your pc, and try it again.

You can try to create a simple hello world application and compile, to see if this problem persist. If it persists, then the problem probably lies with the installation of your visual studio. You may need to reinstall it then.

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