i have a home work TSR program
anyone can help me

>> Write a progam TSR use C to turn off sound of all aplication on computer. >> If have Sound turn off it

nice if u can write code THk

Is your real machine really DOS?

Because if you're running XP (for example), then you'll NEVER be able to turn off sound for the whole machine.

Mean U if I run win Xp , I will cant turn off sound?
but for example aplication run on dos

If you're using a crusty old compiler like TurboC then you're stuck.

On XP, DOS runs in a virtual machine (playpen, sandbox, whatever you want to call it). The point is, there is NO WAY it can affect the whole machine.

To do what you're suggesting, you need a Win32 compiler which is compatible with your main OS (and not just some emulation for the benefit of older things).

Windows NT based systems dont like you writing programs like that

Windows 9x and DOS wouldnt mind, but salem is right. A TSR to terminate sound wont run on NT, regardless of whether it is run in a command prompt or not. This is not a real dos prompt, but an emulation.

And yeah, turboc is ancient. Please stop using it.