Write a program counts in a given text the words that contain at least three different vowels (Vowels are a, e, i, o, and u).

Words in the text are all lower case and are separated by at least 1 space, maybe more. The last word in the sentence ends with character '.'. The maximum size of a word in text is 15 character. There should be three sentences tested.

Included in the program should be a function, the input which is a character, the output is either 1, if the character is a vowel or 0 if the character is not a vowel. Other function will be necessary as you are required to modularize your program.

The final output should consists of echo print of the text with the words having 3 or more different vowels marked, and the count of these words.

A word for your test plan is "unquestionably".

That's my lab Assignment Sheet!!!!
Please write C++ Codes using Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 or 2008

Dude show us the code that you have worked on so that we can help.

We donot do others homework.

# include <iostream>
# include <fstream>
# include <iomanip>
# include <string.h>

using namespace std;

int main ()
	ofstream text;

	char text;
	char a, e, i, o, u;
	semtemce.open("C:/output.txt"); // Trying to see if files Open
	if (sentence.fail()) // file fail to open
		cout << "File output.txt does not exist\n";
	for (text = 15; 15 < MAX; 15++);
		cin >> 15 [15];
	for (text = 15; 15 < MAX; 15++);
		cout << 15 << 15++);

Now go back to your notes from the first few weeks of class.

I see at least 13 syntactic mistakes in the code above, not counting mistakes that are repeated. Not to mention that you're not doing anything that seems to work towards solving your problem.

Are you really trying?