How could it be possible to synchronize the computertime to ex: GMT or any timeserver on the internet ?

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Thanks for the information. I have to ask though here.
It don´t seem that there is any info about how to code this in C++.
Is this a possibility to do..?


Ok, that seems nice that it is possible :)
Do you have any idéas how I will begin, if there is any examples on this how to code.
Has MSDN any examples of this.
Is there any calls in C++ to do this.
It doesn´t seem to be a standard task you do in C++, so I have no code to start out this. What I will call, because I might need to call a timeserver perheps or something similar.

Like in the controlpanel in XP "Date and Time" you can synchronize the time on the computer with update now for example through: www.timewindows.com

Er, yes.


Then I know what to search for,
Thanx for your assistance.


Something like
"ntp client c source code"
in your search engine perhaps?

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Good job :)
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