Dear forum members,

Could you please let me know from your experience the best avaibable textbooks to learn C# effectively with examples?

I am planning to start to learn C# programming but I have no idea from where to start and which book to read. I have Deitel's books Programming in C# but I don't know if this book is proper for me to start.

I am moving from C programming to C#...

Thanks very much!

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If I could purswade you off a text box and to a VTM I could point you in the direction of some (in my opinoin) really awsome training videos which are cheap IMHO for the amount of time and fun you will have and how much c# and so on you will learn - as a C coder if you've done c++ the whole OO part is explained very well and it is something you can listen to as well as watch and join in. While the original premise of the VTMs was aimed at XNA - which is a game writing foundation, and its purpose is game based the premises you learn will arm you well for an awful lot of what you may come across in c# apps ..

You can find them at 3d buzz

PS microsoft also have released a number of VTm style training courses - as well as there are a number of online text based tutorials.

Personally I like the wrox c# book as training, and would recommend that if you really want a book book.

A book I personally liked very much when starting off with C# was :
"Beginning Visual C# 2005 Express Edition From Novice to Professional" by Peter Wright
It is lightly written and easy readable, you are not dropped into the gory details of C# right at once.
Look at for more titles and how to order them(hey I'm not promoting Apress here!)

Its been pointed out to me i wasnt awake enough when I replied earlier - I apologise for my major typos as I head textboxes on the brain, and the rest are plain typos and dyslexia.. sorry.

Hello, I am just learning C# as my first programing language, and I've found Wrox's set of books quite help full. The first book I used to study up on C# was the Professional book of which I recommend. Also look into the Visual C# books as well. Wrox has many of these books available, just google Wrox and It should be the first one their. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info

Thanks everyone for you help.

hello, I am also learning c#. so please send any information and ext boos in my mail my mail id is

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