I attach a file what was send by Shaik Akthar. I work with it a new
access file. He use Table, I use querie. But it not work.I modify some
code like:
MSFlexGrid.FormatString = "<Student ID|<Student Name|<Jamal|<Roll No"

Con.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Persist Security Info=False;Data Source=" & App.Path & "\DB2.MDB"
Con.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Persist Security Info=False;Data Source=" & App.Path & "\student admin.MDB"

rst.Source = "profile2"
rst.Source = "Student"

MSFlexGrid.AddItem Format(rst!DATENOW, "DD/MMM/YYYY") & vbTab & rst!Name & vbTab & rst!DIAGNOSIS & vbTab & rst!REMARKS
MSFlexGrid.AddItem Student ID & vbTab & rst!Student Name & vbTab & rst!Jamal & vbTab & rst!Roll No

It not worked. I don't know what I did wrong. anybody can help me?

if I want to work it with datagrid then what I need to do?


Its not vbTab,
Column seperator here is Chr(9)



What Part of your Code is Not Working...?
Post your code here..
(dont Attach the project)


I just modify thats line what I write above. and others line like attach project.

Dear Taher,

Your entire logic is correct. there is no mistake except for the fieldnames which u r using. they have a space in between. if u need to specify fieldnames which have space then use either of the following ways to denote them.

For field Student Id use
rst.Fields("Student Id")
rst![Student Id]

I have modified the project and am uploading it back for ur reference. hope this solves ur problem.

Another suggestion is that try not using the fieldnames with spaces, instead use a underscore to connect if the fieldname is of two words like

u can use "Student_Id" instead of "Student Id"
"Student_Name" instead of "Student Name" and "Roll_No" instead of "Roll No"

Shaik Akthar