hey all,
i keep having a problem using vb with an access database. anything i try to do with access brings up the same error message saying database format not recognised. any ideas what i need to do.

is the database .mdb? or mde? or addb? was it created in 97, 2000, 2002/2003 or 2007?

what version of vb you using?

you need to convert the file to previous format from database menu. But you can't make any changes to the database after conversion to previous version. your problem will be solved.

your using MS Access/JET as the data connector? Do you have an up to date copy of the DAO installed?

if you mean the database access objects then yea

What is the exact error and precisely when does it occur?

re: debasisdas - really? i thaught vb6 supported up to access 2003?

im using a data control and when i go into the properties and try to change the RecordSource the error appears say "Unrecognized database format 'then the filepath of the database."

have you tired as i suggested before. You just might need to install these service packs link1 link2

re:jbennet---vb6 was released in 1997 so it supports upto that verion only. for later versions you need service packs.

ive downloaded the 2 patches, i have then extracted the files into a downloads folder, do they need to be placed into a specific folder for them to work?

you extract em then run the installer in each folder - something like setup.exe

thats how the old windows service packs were anyway