Assembly Language

Q1: For the memory location whose physical address is specified by 1256Ah, give theaddress in segments:offset form for segments 1256h and1240h

Q2: If AX=FFFFh and BX= FFFFh the after the execution of the instruction
ADD AX, BX.what will be status of the following flags SF,PF,ZF,CF,OF,

Q:3 Suppose AX and BX contains signed numbers write some code to put the bigger
one in CX and if they are equal add them in AX

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Some Questions Solved:


1256:000A = (1256h*10h) + Ah = 1256Ah

1240:016A = (1240h*10h) + 16Ah = 1256Ah

mov ax,0FFFFh
mov bx,0FFFFh
add ax,bx


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