I am working on medium scale application around 14K lines of code. So can't post the code. I am using queue to throttle the speed from one end to other end. The problem i am facing is "queue is giving some garbage value on queue.front() function call after say more than 17K message has been passed" size of each message is 232 bytes so approximately i am using queue for 17000 * 232 bytes and after that on accessing first element i am getting garbage value.
I am popping the message after accessing so i am assuming i am deleting it from queue. I guess queue got some limitation of certain bytes so its getting saturated after 17000 messages.
and i guess i am not popping messages properly as well.

Just wanted to know what is maximum queue size in STL? so i can conclude where is the problem in the code

Thanks in advance

Of course, max queue capacity (more precisely, underlying container class max capacity) depends on STL implementation. I can't imagine that any 32-bit (or 64-bit) STL deque (queue default container) has less than billion (or near) items capacity...

Search your platform forums on possible STL version implementation defects. It seems that it's the program bug so be ready to hunting...
Good luck!