hi every one
my name is batol and i realy realy need ur help
I've been asked to impelement KNN and ID3 in C# using windows application
if any of u have the code I'll be greatful


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As you will have read the notices at the top of the forum we wont dish out code, however have you checked with google?


I'm just a simple guy trying to solve some questions. I don't know what KNN or ID3 is, could you please refrase your question?


You guys are rude.... he asked a simple question...

ID3 is for MP3 inside information.


RJC131, I disagree, No one has been rude. The nearest to rudeness is the original poster coming and asking a bunch of people to do his work for him. No one else has been rude

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well said

Rude, for giving him a link with what it is with code and saying to clarify the question?

Doesn't look like a good way to start off here RC131, when we are trying to help.

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well said

first of all
i want to thank every one tried to help me
thanks alot dickersonka for the link
and RJC131 thanks 4 saying what i want beside I'm a SHE not a HE!!!

and LizR I don't want any one do my jop and yes i search google nothing helped
trust me i wont ask you to DISH OUT CODE but to help me anyway thank you

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