I have a question and i have done a lot of reasearch and cant find a answer.I have a source code (Program.c) C++ code and its just a simple program that takes a input as a wav and encodes it into AAC Audio Compression by using Ahead nero AAC encoding dll's.It uses a command line like this "Encoder [options] <infile> <outfile>"
.Similar to that but the thing i really want to do is just make a simple gui that has a add button,encode button and options configuration window and a progress bar.How do you do this, is it with visual basic or what, please somebody help me.Example you know the mp3 encoder called lame it is a dos like program like mine but somebody created a nice little gui for it.All you do is open the lame gui and locate the command line "lame mp3 encoder" exe and push some buttons in the gui and it encodes wonderfully without no dos commands or nothing.So please someboddy help me create a simple gui.

There are as many GUI libraries as there are compilers (and probably even more).