Hello there, I'm currently studying a bit of mail data manipulation and I am having trouble with the concept to importing mail data to windows forms. As what I research right now, FileContents and FileGroupDescriptor could be used. I've been googling this topic already and I haven't found any good tutorials.

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sort of depends, what version of outlook are you using? And are you using exchange?

Thanks for the reply. I'm using 2003 and yes, exchange server.

I think Visual Studio Tools for Office could be helpful too, but I still don't have background for this tool.

You can just link to a copy of outlook and read data if thats what you need - there are a ton of examples on the net for it.

If you add Outlook as a using you can access all the things you could ever want from a mailbox

Can you give me a link of samples? I've been looking for samples the whole day and can't find one. It seems I'm having a bad luck with google Y_Y. Thanks for the reply.

I already got this sample. Thanks again. Now I'm having trouble installing my VSTO. It says that it requires sp1 MS Office. I've already installed sp1 update of MS Office but I cannot install the VSTO. *sigh*

BTW, the input of data to the forms is through dragging and dropping. I have already managed to drag and drop outlook data which is saved as an outlook file on the desktop, but I can't drag and drop it yet from outlook to my forms. I'm still figuring it out. Any ideas how to drag and drop it? Thanks :)

what file extension does it have?

I'm sorry if my query has a little confusion. What I meant was to drag and drop an outlook mail from the outlook itself then get all the data from that mail (contents, sender, receiver, mail id). Just like dragging and dropping a mail in the outlook to the MS excel. I think the file name for outlook mails is .msg.

OK, but thats a propriatary format, you'll need to see what data outlook actually sends you when you perform the action and work from there.

I have already installed my VSTO, now I'm having a hard time figuring it out, on how to use it to manipulate (drag and drop) mails in the outlook.

After hours of freaking research, I have found a way to drag and drop mail items to my application. Now my problem is how to get the mail ID and header of that mail item.

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