please can any body tell when a new OPERATING SYSTEM kernal works then how it reads the hard disks .Is any body is interested in operating system developement.

We are trying to make an OS which is independent in nature .Not UNIX type or WINDOW
any body interested can send me private message or email me.

To change the world we need to join our hands .We need a programmer who is SMART in

>We need a programmer who is SMART in ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE
Then why are you asking in a C forum?

Good idea!
Free advice: don't waste a time to hire assembler programmers. Only 50 years ago programs of some million instructions were written without any assemblers in native machine codes. The new revolutionary OS kernel fits in some thousand instructions only. Obviously no need in assembler programmers to conquer this windows/unix/linux ets world at present moment (or a little later)...

Is we did not need any assembly program to make the Operating system

Is C programming can be used to Run all
the functions of the OS

It would greatfull if you reply

C and assembly can make it easier to implement an OS, but in the end it's all machine code :0000101010100000100010100101010101010000011111010101001....

Look at the state-of-art programming of embedded systems for modern microcontrollers. As usually, all codes are written in C. Imagine: no any OS to support an execution of these programs (TinyOS, Contiki et al are not true OS but these control programs are implemented in C too).

Don't forget: most of C compilers have built-in assembler construct (remember asm keyword). When asm instruction enclosed by C function, it's C (not assembler) code again.

More than 30 years ago some OS were written (not only in C) from the scratch w/o any assembler codes. And vice versa: huge programs were written in assembler only (or even in machine codes) long before the C language was born.

Moral: programming languages do not make programs ;)...