I can use ShellExecute to easily open a URL in a new default browser window. I'd like subsequent URLs to be opened in the same window, but ShellExecute always opens a new window/tab. I've been looking on google and msdn, but there doesn't appear to be a simple solution. Do you have any suggestions?

take a look at tools->internet options->tabs->settings->open links from other programs in : the current tab or window

this might not fix it, but first things first

That's sort of the functionality I want, but unfortunately it's not a solution.

What I want is something analogous to target="name" in HTML. I want the first call for browser to open a new tab/window (whatever their setting is), and then subsequent requests to be opened in that same window. If they closed it, then start over with a new tab/window.

Any ideas?

PS, I would like to have a solution that supports legacy OS if possible. This only has to work on windows, but I'd like it to work on Win 98 if possible, and I'd like to avoid using .NET Framework.