Write a C++ program that would be able to manipulate a list of fruits. First, create a link
list that has this fruit list:

apple | banana | peach | apple | mango | durian | rambutan | kiwi

i. Then, sort the fruits in alphabetical order and display the sorted list

ii. Count the number of different fruits (repeated fruits are counted once only).

iii. Ask for a new fruit and:
a. If the fruit exists – print the word “Exists“ and insert after the repeated
b. If the fruit does not exist – insert in the correct position (sorted list).

(40 mark)

First you take a stab at it, post your code, tell us what's giving you a problem.

But then you'd know that if you read the sticky posts at the top of this forum.

(40 mark)

You got ZERO out of 40 mark for your homework.

You got ZERO out of 40 mark for your homework.


#include <stdio.h>

typedef char ELEMENT;
typedef struct node {
    ELEMENT data;
    struct node *next;

void CreateList (NODE **sList) {
    *sList = NULL;

NODE *NewNode(ELEMENT dataelement) {
    NODE *Nnode;
    Nnode = (NODE *) malloc (sizeof(NODE));
    if (Nnode != NULL) {
        Nnode->data = dataelement;
        Nnode->next = NULL;
    return Nnode;

typedef enum bool {FALSE, TRUE} BOOL;
BOOL EmptyList (NODE *sList) {
    return ((BOOL) (sList == NULL));

void TraverseList (NODE *sList) {
    NODE *pnode;
    for (pnode = sList; pnode != NULL; pnode->next) {
        printf("pnode.data : %c -> \n", pnode->data);

BOOL SearchList (NODE *sList, ELEMENT dataelement, NODE **pnode) {
    NODE *qNODE;
    qNODE = sList;
    *pnode = NULL;
    while (qNODE != NULL) {
        if (qNODE->data == dataelement)
            return (BOOL) (TRUE);
        else {
            *pnode = qNODE;
            qNODE = qNODE->next;
    return (BOOL) (FALSE);

void InsertList(NODE **sen, NODE *temp, NODE *p) {
    if (p == NULL) {
        temp->next = *sen;
        *sen = temp;
    } else {
        temp->next = p->next;
        p->next = temp;

void DeleteList (NODE **sList, NODE *pnode) {
    NODE *temp;
    if (EmptyList(*sList)) {
        printf("Deletion Error: Empty List");
    if (pnode == NULL) {
        temp = *sList;
        *sList = temp->next;
    } else {
        temp = pnode->next;
        pnode->next = temp->next;

void main() {
    char item;
    NODE *list, *tempNode;

    printf("Enter word ending with '$' symbol: ");
    while ((item = getchar()) != '$') {
        tempNode = NewNode(item);
        InsertList(&list, tempNode, NULL);

i got 2 error... i got headache.. huhuhuh.. donno how to do..

Nice piece of C code you lifted. Perhaps you should be asking in the C forum, not the C++.