First off, I'd like to thank each one of you for setting up such a fantastic supporting network to help each other.

Here's what I want to do and I think this is feasible but haven't done it myself as my focus can been more architecting web and DW solutions.

I'd like to provide my users with some confidential data on a thumb (flash) drive. There are multiple reasons I have decided upon a flash drive (see below).

What I'd like to have on the flash drive is a interface layer that performs an ID check by way of password key or biometric (finger print) options, that will in turn use an AES standard decryption routine to decrypt the sensitive information and display it to the user.

In the event that the wrong password is entered more than 12 times; I'd like a self destructive routine to enable itself on the flash drive and erase the entire content from the flash drive or lock it - primarily to avoid hackers hacking it if they find one of these thumb drives.

What I'd like to know is -

  • Is this implementation possible?
  • If yes, what technology should we use to build this interface?
  • How complicated is it to build such an application?
  • And the best part, anyone having "very" similar expr has a job (please PM me).

Thanks and I look forward to some very encouraging responses


PS: I posted this in the C++ section forum as well but think that this can be done in C# as well, hence the duplicate post.

Search for DRM , you might hit some open source implementation .

You can create an Isolated storage files within the flash and set the securitypermissions so that reading accessing and writting from and to that isolated storage file is under control

You can create a mini security program for your password entry that will handle the password check. You can also create or incorporate a "bomb" into your security routine which will simply delete the file from the flash drive whenever the authentication rule is violated. To run you data services or application from the thumb drive, you'll need to create a windows service which will be automatically installed on the clients computer once the flash drive is detected. You can do some more research on creating windows service. I know you won't have any problem getting articles on this topic on the web.
I hope this helps or if you can be more specific, i can still offer better explanation.