I've been given this work to do for uni, can somebody give me some hints how to start it?

1. In order to demonstrate your understanding of Object Oriented Programming within a visual environment you are required to create an object oriented graphical program to simulate a simple telephone network.


Use a suitable container to store the active phones within the network. You need to consider how each of the separate phones will communicate with each other. One way would be to implement an exchange class to manage the phones.
The exchange and phone(s) should be represented using VB forms. The exchange should manage the creation / removal of phones from your chosen container. A phone should be able to communicate with any another phone on the network.

How do you make the phone ring? You could simulate an incoming call with a flashing light - off when in standby mode and flashing when activated by a call.
You also need to consider what happens if one phone tries to connect to another phone already engaged in a call?

Version 1.0:

Your initial version should: -
• Create new phones within the network
• Remove phones from the network
• Make a call from one phone to another phone within the network
• Answer a call
• Terminate a call

We dont do homeworks for people , we Help People who have started something and get stucked. Start Something and get stucked and we will help you


However I will give you these tips to start:

1. Think about how you want this to work
2. Write it out using plain english, pseudocode or a flowchart
3. Go over what you have and make sure your logic fits in with the suggestions given already
4. Start with whatever you feel is the easiest and work on it in smaller modules.

Once you get going it will be amazing how fast things start to come to you. Sometimes the hardest part is getting things on paper first.

I agree with rapture. All good programers start out with a plan and knows how it will work before a single bit of code is written.