Hey guys, i need to read form(s) on VB.Net from the simple html based web sites, like on VB6 webbrowser object;


But i shouldn't to use a WebBrowser object. How can i do this on VB.net?

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Dim i As Integer = 0

If WebBrowser1.Document IsNot Nothing Then

Dim str As String = String.Empty

For Each form As HtmlElement In WebBrowser1.Document.Forms

i = i + 1

str = i.ToString + " " + str + form.Name + vbCrLf

str = str + form.GetType.ToString + vbCrLf

str = str + form.InnerText.ToString + vbCrLf

str = str + form.OuterText.ToString + vbCrLf



Hope this helps :-) Ask me anything you need to know. Any proggin lang too :-) admin@simulanics.com

Thanks for reply the topic simulanics but my problem is little different. I can not be use the Webbrowser control on this program. How can i do this with another way? Thats all i need. If you know the another way to do this i realy greatful.

It's still webbrowser component :D is it different way to do this ? Or its can be just with webbrowser anyway thanks 4 the helps.

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