I have a c++ console program that alot of people are starting to download. But the program is updated around once a week. problem is, most of the downloaders never check for updates on the site.
could add a feature to my program were it would do a check for updates from my site, and if there is a new version available, it eather downloads it for them, or tells them where to get it. my idea was i could upload a .txt file to my site, stating the current version #. when the program goes to look at the file, if the #'s dont match up, there is a new version available.

Can and how would I do that? many thanks!

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For cURL go here, and download version 7.19.2:


Read the docs, and examples that come with it.

still confussed. the install doc goes WAY over my head. maybe you could point me to a tutorial for this stuff that explains it well?

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