I have written a script that scrapes a particular website and returns the date of an article, description and url. I want to display this information on the console with clickable text so that when I click on text/link called "site" it will open the url of the article in my default browser.

I have been searching google for the best way to do this but I have not found too much. Should I use curses, if so, I am not sure which curses module I should use. Or is there a better/easier way?

Any ideas?

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You want to create a hyperlink within the terminal window? I don't know if that would be possible through standard means, and using curses would be overkill in my opinion.

Does this script require to be used within the terminal or would you be willing to give it a nice GUI with wxPython or similar? That way you could easily implement hyperlinks.

If you wanted to keep it within the terminal, you could list a letter before each link, a la:
A) www.google.com
B) www.etc.com
C) www.foo.bar

And then have a raw_input('Enter a letter to go to that website, exit to quit: ') or something similar, which would then call the default browser via the webbrowser module.

Using raw_input() would be way easy but my script updates every 5 minuites. And I am not sure that the script would be able to update if it's waiting on user input.

Ah i have had this problem before. I found it really really useful to use Threading.
So maybe you could make a function or class that uses Threading and then you can have it wait for user input while the rest of the program goes its own way.

Why not use GUI as Jlm699 suggested. Wxpython have nice HTML window which will make your program look nice!

+1 for jlm699 - GUI makes it easier

Well, I don't think I'm ready for Wxpython so I'm gonna try to use Threading. I am also looking at the code for "hacker_top.py" which is along the lines of what I want to do. If someone out there is curious too, it's a simple google search away.

Thanks for the info guys!

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