parseInt does not seem to be throwing an exception when I pass a letter of the alphabet to it. I assume this is because ASCII letters are treated as integers. So my question is, is there a method that will do this:

boolean isLetter();

And if not, how do I get around what I said about ASCII (if its even a correct assumption) to write the method myself?

Thanks - much appreciated. I should have just searched isLetter first, but I didn't realize that my guess would be the method name. Lol.

Also, out of curiosity, if anyone knows the method's logic, please tell. I doubt its that complicated, probably a few lines of code.

> I doubt its that complicated, probably a few lines of code.

I doubt it is simple given that the method is Unicode aware hence would involve a lot of Unicode jargon like code points, planes etc. If you are interested, you can take a peek at the source code though without a basic understanding of the Unicode specification, it would be rather pointless.

P.S.: Yay, 7K! :-)

Is that supposed to be a link to the source code - it just looks like an ad? If not, where can I find it? I've heard of unicode, I'll take a peek at the code but I tried to google it and couldn't find it.

Link? I didn't post any link in my previous post; maybe you are talking about IntelliTXT ads. As far as the source code is concerned, look into the installation directory of Java, you will find a, containing the entire source code.

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